2017: tax calendar


January 31

W-2 /1099 must be sent to the employee or independent contractor.


Form 1098 must be sent to those who paid interest or dividend.

February 28

File W-2 (Copy A) and Transmittal Form W-3 with the Social Security Administration.


File Form 1096 reporting miscellaneous income to the IRS.


File Form 1096 reporting the payment of interest or dividend.


April 18

File your 1040 Tax Return and 540 Tax Return.


Make your contribution to the IRA, HSA and ESA.


Pay your First Quarter Estimated Tax Payment.


June 15

Pay the Second Estimated Tax Payment.


September 15

Pay the Third Estimated Tax Payment


File the tax forms for the Form 1041, 1065, 1120 or 1120S if taxes
have been extended.


October 15

File tax returns for Partnership, Form 1065 or LLC returns.


File tax returns for Trust or Estate, Form 1041.


File extended Form 1040 or Form 540 tax returns.

December 31

Pay the 540 Fourth Quarter Estimated Tax Payment.


Jan. 15, 2018

Pay Fourth Quarter Estimated Tax Payment.


Tax tip: be careful
and thorough, keeping
legible and organized records.


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