2021: tax calendar


January 31

W-2 or 1099 must be sent to the employee or independent contractor. The IRS and FTB must also receive the W-3 (Copy A) or 1096.


The 1099 INT or DIV is also used to report interest or dividend and must be reported by January 31.


1099 MISC is used to report Miscellaneous expenses paid, i.e. rent and must be reported by January 31.

March 15

Tax returns must be filed for Partnerships Form 1065 and LLC Limited Liability Co. or an extension filed.


April 15

1040 and 540 tax Returns must be filed or an Extension must be filed.


A contribution to an IRA, HSA or ESA must be made.


The First Quarter Estimated Tax Payment must be made.


June 15

Second Quarter Estimated Tax is due.


September 15

Third Quarter Estimated Tax payment is due.


Tax returns for 1041and 541, If the 1065 or LLC were extended, the tax return is due.


October 15

Extended tax returns 1040 and 540 are due.

December 31

The Fourth Quarter California Estimated tax is due to be paid.


Jan. 15, 2022

The Fourth Quarter Federal Estimated Tax is due to be paid.


Tax tip: be careful
and thorough, keeping
legible and organized records.


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