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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Stimulus COVID-19 Tax Relief. The Economic Impact Payment (Stimulus).
A: The amount of Stimulus is based on the AGI amounts on the taxpayers 2019 income tax return. The income limits are as follows: Single and MFS -- $75,000 with phase out to $99,000; Married Filing Joint -- $150,000 with phase out at $198,000 and Head of Household -- $112,500 with phase out at $146,500. If you have questions about the stimulus or did not get a Stimulus check then go to and click on "Get My Economic Impact Payment."


Q: What do I do if I get a letter from the Internal Revenue Service or the Franchise Tax Board?
A: Fax or mail the IRS letter to Jobert Income Tax Service or if easier, e mail the IRS letter to Do not pay the balance due requested until you have been in communication with your tax preparer and it is decided you owe the balance due. Read the letter carefully because many letters are information notices and require no action.


Q: How do I get an appointment for tax preparation?


Q: What are the tax deadlines for filing an individual return?
A: April 15th is the first tax deadline for the individual returns. If April 15th falls on a weekend, the tax return filing deadline falls to the next Monday. If you do not meet this deadline, an extension should be filed and the tax return filed by October 15th. This is the last deadline to file for the year.


Q: How do I file for an extension?
A: If you are an existing client and want to file an extension, call the office and request an extension to be filed on your behalf Mail, fax or e mail your current
W-2, pension with withholding or the amount of estimated tax paid during the year. We will discuss if this is enough tax paid or if additional tax should be paid with the extension.


Q: Do I have to pay estimated taxes?
A: If you have money withheld from W-2 or pension, etc. you may not have to pay estimated tax. It depends on the previous year’s tax liability. If you have a small business and are retired with no withholding then you would want to pay estimated tax. Most people find it easier to pay equal amounts four times a year. If you do not pay estimates, the total amount of tax is due on April 15th.


Q: Is there a penalty if I do not pay estimated tax?
A: Yes, the IRS will charge a penalty depending on how much you are underpaid.


Q: What do I do if I receive a City Business Tax Notice?
A: Your city has a business tax on businesses and the self employed who conduct business in the city. If your tax return contains a Schedule C for small business including contract work reported on a 1099, you may receive a notice for a City Business Tax. We recommend that you mail or fax the notice to us for review and what to do next.


Q: What items do I need to provide if I buy or sell a home or rental?
A: You need to provide a copy of your settlement papers for buying or selling.


Q: What items do I need to provide if I refinanced a home or rental?
A: You will need to provide a copy of your refinance statement. There could be possible deductions to be included in your tax return.


Q: What items do I need to provide if I bought or leased a new car?
A: If you bought a new car and it is work related, we need to know the date of purchase and the price. If the car is leased, we need to know that date placed into service, the down payment on the car and the lease payments for the year.


Q: What do I do if I sold stock?
A: A 1099-B is issued when a stock is sold. This can be found on your annual statement. We need to know the date and value of the stock when you bought it. Many times this will be reported on the annual statement. If not, consult your financial advisor.


Q: If I have a new dependent not previously reported on my tax return?
A: Our office needs the social security number or the dependent along with birth date and relationship to you.


Q: What if I receive a Head of Household Audit Letter from the FTB?
A: The State of California needs to verify the information requested on the form. Answer honestly the information requested. If you have any questions about this form send or fax the audit letter to the office and we can discuss it by telephone. This should be done quickly upon receipt of the letter.


Q: Is there a fee for an audit?
A: Yes, there is a fee charged for representation at an audit and assistance in preparing for one. The audit is usually an inquiry into information provided on your tax return. It is our job to present your case with the actual receipts for the deductions and income claimed.

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